smc lib

  • Philippe Simons

    Philippe Simons - 2004-03-13

    mr.mirko is trying to build a new sdk from scratch... great idea
    we are still using the smfs lib on Darkfader web site but they sucks...
    how are you doing with the smc??? (low level i/o)

    btw have you suceed with the block driver?


    • Jerome Lefranc

      Jerome Lefranc - 2004-03-13

      The linux smc driver is based on Samsung's driver from s3c2410 processor mixed with low level io driver from smfs lib (Darkfader's one).
      Now, it can recognize smc card and read-only mount (through mtd-block device) only 32MB cards.
      Lucas and I have now idea on with it doesn't work for other cards (16-64-128MB).
      We REALLY need some new ideas and help from other developers to have a complete read-write mounting driver.

    • Philippe Simons

      Philippe Simons - 2004-03-14
      here is a generic toshiba engine (not specally for the s3c2410) didnt have a look...
      maybe it could help

      • Jerome Lefranc

        Jerome Lefranc - 2004-03-15

        Lucas already worked to adapt the smil library (which is quite different from the Samsung's lib). But he still has problems to make it working with gp32.

    • Philippe Simons

      Philippe Simons - 2004-03-15

      mmmh sorry cant help... i knwo nothing of hardware gp32 (only c/c++ and a bit of asm) and dont have time now (im on a midp2.0 port project)
      hope you'll succeed because gp32 realy miss a real OS like linux



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