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  • cyberic

    cyberic - 2004-01-30

    Could you please send me the .config file you use to build the kernel?

    I'd like to compile a kernel with msdos fs support, in order to mount the SMC somewhere.

    Do you know any mean to interact with the gp32? I can't build any serial adaptor... did you test a USB mouse, or is it possible to use GP32's stick and buttons?

    If so, I would start to code a 'virtual keyboard', and try to recompile a newer version of busybox.

    One other thing I thought about is to use usb<->usb driver in linux... maybe it would be possible to link a PC and the gp32 with the usb cable?

    But I need a working .config file to test it.

    Another (last) question: are the framebuffer and the soundcard are supported? What other devices are working?

    Thanks for you support.


    • Jerome Lefranc

      Jerome Lefranc - 2004-02-02

      Hi Eric,
      - about .config file, get the current from CVS
      - we are writing a smc driver to mount the gp32 card (and its DOS filesystem). So be patient or help us to write it (you are welcome).
      - the gp32 processor can be configured as USB device or host. But the gp32 hardware set it to device (to be connected with a PC). A small gp32 modification should be necessary to allow host mode (and all USB devices: mouse, keyboard...). More info later...
      - the only way to develop now is the serial port. The most difficulty is to find the right external connector (some for Samsung phones are compatible)
      - framebuffer, sound, usb host, serial port are supported.

      Have nice tests


    • fangeles

      fangeles - 2004-02-05

      it s a interesting project
      we could use this

    • Argon0

      Argon0 - 2004-06-09

      Very interesting - this has prompted me to get a chatboard. When I have one, I'll be in a position to help testing...
      Interesting about getting Ipaq linux binaries to work....

      • Jerome Lefranc

        Jerome Lefranc - 2004-06-09

        Be carefull: buy a cha01 chatboard (the grey one).


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