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New version started.

Support for linux/cygwin+mingw(windows)/psp. First milestone reached - parsing the old graphic + level data files. Starting afresh in subversion tree, old blitz basic version may as well stay in cvs.

Posted by Richard Franks 2007-09-24

Gravity Power II: Dev work starts afresh. Goodies on the way

Welcome onboard to Mark Tiffany, of Blitz Bombers and Viper fame! He coincidentally emailled me the day after I dug out the source for the first time in a year or so.

He'll be leading the Network Play and User Interface efforts as well as some other parts.

Code restructuring is taking place now, and that will be the next beta release; as that lays the foundation for multiplayer/AI. The next release will also contain some bug fixes, some new bugs and some new weapons.

Posted by Richard Franks 2002-04-12

New Executable on the way...

I've just had an opportunity to play GP2 on another machine - the bulk was coded on a p133! The menu-system is in dire need of an update, as it's a bit too fast to be usable on my new machine.

Not too much else to report - still trying to get my hands on the *latest* source, which ironically isn't on Sourceforge -- somehow I compiled and uploaded v0.6 as opposed to v0.61 which has many hours of subtle improvements :-)... read more

Posted by Richard Franks 2001-04-23

No Updates, but good excuses...

Now the stats system is back up, I noted with suprise that GP2 has been having a steady steam of downloads.. well.. not a *LOT* of downloads.. but more than I expected!

No development has occurred for the last little while because... I moved and didn't have a computer. But, I saved a 486 from an unsavory end.. and the way these things go, once you have *something*, everyone starts offering bits and bobs. So I should have a system ready for serious development again!... read more

Posted by Richard Franks 2001-03-17

Downloadable Executable Coming soon

Blitz Basic is being released today, so I should get my copy soon, depending how fast the UK-Canada post is at this time of year :-)

That means an executable to download - hurrah!
(The public/beta versions of Blitz can't produce executables)

Posted by Richard Franks 2000-11-09

CVS Repository Created

You can now checkout the 'GP2' module from CVS.
Enjoy! :-)

The GP2 CVS page has all the info that you should need to get started:
(Substitute GP2 for the modulename)

Posted by Richard Franks 2000-11-07