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GetLive now full replacement for gotmail.

GetLive ( is a perl script that fetches mails from your hotmail or hotmail live account. With todays beta release 0.5 GetLive has reached near feature parity with gotmail and can act as a replacement. Be aware though that config files and options will need to be adapted, although that should be straightforward.

Posted by Jos De Laender 2007-05-20

Hotmail Live goes Gold

Microsoft have gone gold with the Hotmail Live service and from Monday the 7th of May it will be available for all customers to migrate to:

If you migrate this will result in Gotmail no longer functioning. Additionally, during this cut-over it is quite possible that Gotmail may start to malfunction or fail to function entirely.... read more

Posted by James Turnbull 2007-05-07

Migration from CVS to Subversion

The Gotmail project source repository has moved from CVS to Subversion. The existing CVS repository has been closed. From now on please use the Subversion repository to check out the working version of Gotmail.

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-07-30

0.8.9 Launched

Seems that hotmail has been acting up, so thanks to cageek's patch, things should be working once more for many of you. Please download the latest!

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-04-23

0.8.8 Released!

The Gotmail project, a perl script which downloads mail
from without user interaction, released version 0.8.8 today. This is a simple maintenance release with only a few basic bug fixes applied including better dealing with spaces in folder names and extra lines in config

While normally the project releases versions with more changes, the development
community decided that releasing with some bug fixes is a priority. This is
especially true now that the program, Gotmail, already accomplishes its
primary goal of "downloading mail from"... read more

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-03-06

Gotmail Wikipedia Page

Please edit and add to the Gotmail Wikipedia page (

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-12-11 Released!

Hello all! The latest release of gotmail is out! Please download, use and test it out! Please file any requests or bugs.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-12-11

0.8.6 Released!

Gotmail 0.8.6 Released!

August 23, 2005 - The Gotmail project, a perl script which downloads mail from without user interaction, released version 0.8.6 today. This
version adds support for running the script on the various Windows platforms.
Additionally, thanks to new developer, Jos De Laender, Gotmail now has support
for multiple languages. There are many new commandline options as well as
several improvements with the packaging for the project. This means that it is
simpler for distribution packagers to build Gotmail easily. ... read more

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-08-23

New Developer + Upcoming Release

Please welcome Jos De Laender to the project. He contributed a patch for full language detection and support!

Also, this weekend we are pulling together the 0.8.5 release and getting it out the door. With full language detection and support, Windows support for the script, and other new features, this is going to be a great release!

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-08-18

Gotmail Announcement List Added

There is a new list, gotmail-announce, which will be used ONLY for announcing new releases of Gotmail. This list is low volume, so please subscribe if you want to be kept up to date with the latest releases.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-07-11

win32 support

Windows support for Gotmail has been added to CVS. The changes necessary for support may be checked out from anonymous CVS, or users can wait for the upcoming 0.8.5 release.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-07-11

RPMs Available + Welcom Paul Howarth

Developer Paul Howarth has jumped on board the project and is now building RPMs for the releases. This is really great! Welcome him along with me!

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-23

0.8.4 Made it into Gentoo

I see that on 6-21-2005 0.8.4 made it into Gentoo ~x86 stable. Great! If you are on gentoo, just do:

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge gotmail

That updates your system with the new release.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-23

Desktoplinux Story

Check out the new post from about the latest Gotmail release.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-22

Prepping for 0.8.4

Hello, I've now done a good sweep through all the bugs, rfe's and have merged patches which made sense. Sooooo, the upcoming 0.8.4 release has many new features. Please checkout from the anonymous CVS the latest version and find some bugs. I think I will release tomorrow evening unless there are showstoppers. So far I haven't heard much back from gotmail users, but maybe that will change.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-16

Currently Looking for more developers

If you have a patch in the tracker, or would like to be added as a developer, please hop onto #gotmail on and/or join the gotmail-devel mailing list and make your intentions known. This project is in dire need of some new developers. New developers just have to provide one patch or do one piece of work to then get full cvs access. Pretty good huh!

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-12

Gotmail 0.8.3 Released

The latest working version of Gotmail is now out in the wild. Gotmail currently works with the new hotmail page structure. Please test, find bugs, and post them here!

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-12

New Chat Channel

Also, the project is now using: #gotmail on as the official chat channel. Please hop in here to discuss development, patches, and for general help/info.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-11

Changes A Coming...

There is now a mailing list for development and the current 0.8.2 source has been moved to module gotmail. Also, there is now a cvs module for the website, but that is not fully up yet. In the coming days the project will be busted wide open for further empowerment of developers.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-06-11

Version 0.8.2 released for testing

This release mostly addresses some of the minor changes that have been occuring to hotmail recently.
A bit more functionality has been added as well

Added code to make sure that SpamAssassin is installed when the --use-sa option is used.

delete-spam wasn't working from .gotmailrc. Fixed.

Added support for moving spam to any folder

Added the spam score threshhold to the command line

Added support for moving mail to a folder after downloading... read more

Posted by John Fruetel 2004-10-10

Version 0.8.1 released

Cleaned up some minor bugs reported by a few people.

Removed special handling for msn accounts. Apparently, it's no longer needed.

Enabled support for downloading "Sent Messages" and "Drafts".

Fixed problem where using both --only-new and --delete could cause infinite loops in certain cases

The SpamAssassin options couldn't be specified in the .gotmailrc file; fixed

Posted by John Fruetel 2003-12-29

Version 0.8.0 released for testing

This version copes with the changes that M$ made to hotmail around 12/1/2003.

In addition, support for SpamAssassin has been added

Posted by John Fruetel 2003-12-11