On 6/22/07, CÚsar A. Bernardini <mesarpe@gmail.com> wrote:

I haven't received news from you on the last days...

HI CÚsar! We are waiting for the turkish guy to fix translation and Natale to add it to goText to release beta 3!

TOday, I got a
little bit time...

So... I'm gonna make a proposal to you... I'm thinking about a
developer API, something easy to install mini-gotext servers on
different servers really easy....

something like

class goText
public get_all_services()
public send_sms(service, rcpt, text, rest_of_data)

Maybe you've been too much concise .. I don't understand what's the purpose of this, who will use this and why, what improvement brings. Explain it more, because the API word sounds good to me ;) , but I don't understand you idea.

Anyway... tell me what you think...

Also... have you seen stats last days...? There's always a lot of guys
looking at the forum... I don't know if that's something good or
not... I guess we need a way to spread a little bit more firefox...

Spread firefox is good and also good for our karmas ;) , so I second this idea.
I don't know anything about stats, but I hope it's good ;)

Let me know something about you...
PS: Natale, how's going google Ads...? I have seen you added a button
over stats..



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