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Welcoming Mr. rthsfghsf as a committer!

Also known as "GopherCoder2" (and a few other aliases), this dude has already not only privately modified the source code to the player, but has also written an editor for it and then built a demo ( ) with it! Cool!!

So that his private modifications can be shared with everybody, he has been made a committer to this project. However, since I don't know if I'm going to have time to keep up with him for code reviews and commits, he's been granted free-for-all access to the unstable branch. It seems like an acceptable trade-off.... read more

Posted by Olivier Dagenais 2006-09-01

CVS repository converted to Subversion

CVS is dead. Long live CVS!

Please use Subversion now to access the source code and use the Patches tracker for submissions.

Posted by Olivier Dagenais 2006-08-17

Please update your bookmarks

We used to have a unix name of "gopher" and it's only recently we found out this broke a few things!

We had to get our project renamed, so we are now have the unix name "gopherdemoplayer", which means we are available at and

Posted by Olivier Dagenais 2004-10-13