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Gentle.NET 1.5.0 released!

Gentle.NET is a database independent object persistence framework. It has an extensive feature set, excellent performance, and reasonably complete docs. Features include SQL generation, object construction, caching and uniqing, validation, data binding, and much more.

This release updates Gentle to .NET 2.0 and adds support for generic access methods. Additionally, it contains bugfixes and improvements made since the last release almost 2 years ago.

Sadly, it is also a wrap-up release for a project where development has stagnated and is unlikely to be revived (at least by the original author). As a result, do not expect any releases to be made after this one. Thanks go out to all who have been involved in the project, one way or another. We'll meet again :-)

Download the latest release from the project home at

Posted by Morten Mertner 2008-03-14

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