Hi Martin,
I'd like to thank you for all these years of hard work and patience.
Gentle did certainly change the way I developed. I still use it these
days, compiled with warnings and all under 2.0.

1.5.0 compiles cleanly (almost anyway; it still uses 2 deprecated methods that I didn't want to touch).

Well, you know how to find me and I know how to find you so this is
not a goodbye but rather a "see you later". :)

I still owe you e beer.
You do indeed :D .. Maybe TechEd 2008?

P.D.: I think that -if possible- it would be great to have the prj
files for VS2005 (that is, if VS2008 files are not backwards
compatible, I know for sure that 2005-2003 were not).
Too late =)
In any case, Gentle should compile nicely with just the Express edition that you can download for free. VS 2008 also supports cross-compilation so people can compile for their preferred target framework from a single set of project files.
To the rest of the people on this list, thank for your time and
support as well. As long as we keep using Gentle, it won't die. :)
There's always the off chance that someone decides to pick up development or uses it as inspiration for producing something even more useful ;-)
I know I'll still be using it whenever I need an SQLite backend or for prototyping stuff.