SQLite error!

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    I have problem with sqlite. i have created a database with sqlite, whenever i try to insert a row via Broker.Insert i get a gentleException:

    bei Gentle.Common.Check.FailWith(Severity severity, Error error, Exception e, String msg)
       bei Gentle.Common.Check.Fail(Exception e, Error error, Object[] args)
       bei Gentle.Common.Check.Fail(Error error, Object[] args)
       bei Gentle.Common.Check.IsTrue(Boolean condition, Error error, Object[] args)
       bei Gentle.Common.Check.Verify(Boolean condition, Error error, Object[] args)
       bei Gentle.Framework.SqlStatement.GetParameterValue(Object val, ObjectMap map, FieldMap fm, StatementType stmtType)
       bei Gentle.Framework.SqlStatement.SetParameter(IDataParameter param, Object val, FieldMap fm)
       bei Gentle.Framework.SqlStatement.SetParameters(Key key, Boolean isUpdateAll)
       bei Gentle.Framework.SqlStatement.SetParameters(Object source, Boolean isUpdateAll)
       bei Gentle.Framework.PersistenceBroker.Execute(Object obj, StatementType st, IDbConnection conn, IDbTransaction tr)
       bei Gentle.Framework.PersistenceBroker.Insert(Object obj)
       bei Gentle.Framework.Broker.Insert(Object obj)

    Does anybody know, what that means ?

    • ro

      ro - 2007-06-08

      Because there is no analyser you have to set all this stuff by yourself:
      Size, IsNullable, IsUnique, IsPrimaryKey, IsAutoGenerated, IsForeignKey. I dont think you need to use the Type. Maybe yoiu can use the test framework to see how sqlite works.


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