#1 OS X Support?


Now that GTK is native on OSX, wouldn't it be great to
have GOPchop running there too? (I think a lot of
people will say 'YES'! ;)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i am right now trying to get it working on x11/OSX.. but SDL
    (needed for libmpeg2/mpeg2dec) keeps me from succeeding... :(

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    update: libvo isnt located by the configure-script.. will
    post here if i succeed

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i give up.. can't some unix wiz get this to compile on osx?

  • James R Grinter

    James R Grinter - 2003-03-29

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    I've built it under OS X 10.2.x with Apple's X11 environment, *not* under Aqua or the 'native' GTK.

    I don't know if this binary and the associated shared libs together will run on someone else's system - I've used a combination of fink-installed libraries (gtk, gdk, intl) and some other things I've built locally to get it working (the mjpeg and mpeg2dec libraries)


    You will need to copy contents of the 'bin' and 'lib' folders somewhere together - as the program needs to be able to find its libraries...

    *No* guarantees - there's a bug that doesn't remove a shared memory segment somewhere when it exits - for which you'll also need to know how to use 'ipcs' and 'ipcrm' (supplied, because Apple don't).

    It also really hammers MacOS X's Virtual Memory system if you read in a large MPEG2 file, and the output files seem to contain invalid MPEG headers (but I don't think that's a bug with how I've built it) though are readable with QuickTime+MPEG2Decoder or Mplayer and VLC but can have audio sync problems as a result.

    Feel free to drop me an email with how you get on (though don't expect a quick reply)

  • indy

    indy - 2003-08-28

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    The tarball of binaries works for me. Chopped and saved a
    small portion of an already-GOPchopped clip I had lying

    This is excellent. I had tried to use fink and some
    Makefile hacking to get this to work back in February, so my
    system also has a large number of fink mpeg libraries
    installed, as well as some of my own placed into /usr/local.
    If useful, I can post my "%dpkg -l" if we want to start
    defining dependencies.

    JRG, do you still have good notes about the flags that you
    used in this compile? I'd be interested into turning your
    porting work into a fink package.

    Just as some background, I'm using Linux (and, as of
    yesterday my Mac) to edit MPEG2 streams pulled off my TiVo.
    So native MPEG2 editing is really useful to me, and it's
    something that commercial non-linear editors lack.


  • Kees Cook

    Kees Cook - 2004-02-02
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nemies
    • status: open --> closed
  • Kees Cook

    Kees Cook - 2004-02-02

    Logged In: YES

    Should compile fine now.


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