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Goozzee 1.2 released

Goozzee 1.2 is out.

Goozzee allows you to easily create, browse and share knowledge bases & documentation repositories, using topic maps.

Use this software to store notes, files of any type - even very large ones. Create links between your notes and files, and browse through your knowledge base by following these links, or simply search using the fast and powerful full text search engine.

Here is the detailed list of modifications for thie release :... read more

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2017-05-02

Goozzee Release 0.13.5

I Discovered another awful bug, one that erased notes when creating a new topic. Now that it's fixed, it was so serious that it deserves a new release. Apparently, this bug was present since release 0.13.0. In case one of you lost some data because of it, note that there is no way to get that data back, except from a backup.
The Internationalization is ready, which means that Goozzee will now support multiple languages for its interface. You can switch languages from the Preferences window. For now, only English, French and Dutch are supported. But adding new languages is now very easy.
Apart from that, no other new feature was added, just a few bugfixes and loads of code cleanup.

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2011-05-08

Goozzee Release 0.13.3

Another minor release, mainly fixing bugs and memory leaks. Nevertheless, it brings some improvements in the user interface.

New features :
* Every hour, a little thread automatically cleans up the directory containing the temporary files. By default, it is started when Goozzee is launched, and it removes all files older than 30 days. But it is also customizable through the Preferences dialog. There, one can choose between removing files older than x days, or making sure that the whole directory is never bigger than x megabytes.
* The inner layout of the main window is now saved and recovered at program startup. So you won't have to resize the buttons areas to you likings every time you open Goozzee.
* In the login dialog, as well as on the configuration screen, the connections list is now sorted alphabetically.
* Most of the search window has been rewritten. Visually, the only novelty is that the search results are split into two tabs : topics and documents. For the rest, the window looks about the same. The biggest changes were made on the code, behind the curtain : I did a huge cleanup. From now on, the documents search results and the documents list on the main windows share the same C++ class. What's more, the contextual menu on the search results offers more possibilities than before (such as rename, save into, release lock...). And a column has also been added to the documents list, showing the type of document (allowing the sorting of the list by document type). And finally, I tuned the queries used to search on documents names, and they should be a bit faster.
* the Document properties window has been improved, adding the list of topics a document is linked to. From that list, the user can open one of the topics, or unlink it from the document.
* All the dates and times (in the main windows header, the list of documents, the search results....) are now displayed according to the regional settings of your computer. ... read more

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2011-02-03

Goozzee Release 0.13.2

Another minor release.

Well, not so minor: apart from fixing various bugs here and there, it brings a new feature: it's now possible to pre-define some reports. Each report definition describes the layout of the report, and the various topics that must be used to build it. When saved, this report appears among the list of documents of the topic, as a reguler document. And when one opens such a report, it collects the needed topics, and generates a ready-to-print document.... read more

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2010-11-19

Goozzee Release 0.13.1

This is a minor release, mainly fixing bugs and memory leaks. Nevertheless, it brings some improvements in the user interface.

1/ New features
Documents uploads now run on a separate thread. Meaning that you can select multiple documents for upload and their processing will run in the background, while you keep on browsing, searching, editing your topic maps. A status bar has been added to the main window; it continuously displays the number of documents that still wait to be uploaded. Once the uploads are finished, a little dialog shows a report of the errors that may have occurred during the downloads : files that are too big, not found, or documents that are already present in your repository.
On the main window's buttons areas, the labels showing the various roles display now on multiple lines when needed. What's more, they show the number of associations they contain, when this number is greater than 5.
When checking a document in, the file to check-in is now pre-selected, as long as it is in the default directory expected by the program.
The basic topics (the ones created during the database inititlization) cannot be renamed anymore.
If you checked-out a document to modify it, but finally you don't need to change anything in it, a contextual menu item now allows you to relase he lock on this document, without having to upload a new version.
On the main window, the Unlock button has been removed ( anyway, it was completely useless ). It will only appear if your user has administrator rights, to be able to remove any accidental lock.
* On Windows, in the Windows/Programs menu, a shortcut has been added to the user manual.... read more

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2010-01-22

Goozzee Release 0.13

This is a major release. Even though it doesn't bring many new functionalities, it introduces some serious modifications :

  • First novelty, Windows support. I have been using this version for my professional needs during 6 months before making it public, and it's fast and very stable, so much that I will definitely keep on using it as my only professional documentation repository. This version was dvelopped and tested on Windows XP, but I guess it should work on Windows 7 too.... read more
Posted by Michel Laglasse 2009-11-28

Goozzee 0.12 released

Here comes Goozzee's new release after 6 months of work.

Goozzee allows you to easily create and browse knowledge bases organized as topic maps. It is :

  • multi-user : you can share a knwoledge base over a Lan

  • multi platform : right now, it runs on Linux and Mac OSX, and a future Windows port is planned

  • based on a client-server architecture, with a graphicl C++ client that stores its data into a relationnal database (for now, only Mysql is supported).... read more

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2009-02-04

Release of Goozzee 0.10

Goozzee allows you to easily create,browse and share knowledge bases & documentation repositories, using topic maps. The GUI is written in C++ (using wxWidgets for easier cross-platform portability), and data is saved in a relationnal database.

This new release brings :

  • a real locking system for notes, properties and documents, to prevent multiple users to modify the same piece of information simultaneously
  • the possibility to insert images into notes
  • a mime types management window, to associate specific document types to your preferred applications
  • an improved layout of the main window
  • a window showing the detailed properties of a file
  • easy creation of new roles and association types, straight from the association edition window
  • a better About dialog box, showing statistics about your repository... read more
Posted by Michel Laglasse 2008-01-25

Goozzee 0.09 released.

Goozzee's goal is to offer an easy-to-use knowledge management solution, suitable for small teams or companies.

Unlike most existing knowledge management software, Goozzee's classification system isn't based on hierarchies or tags, but uses Topic Maps, which allow much more advanced and flexible knowledge classification.

This new release brings a real WYSIWYG text editor, as well as the use of Mysql's full text searches.

Posted by Michel Laglasse 2007-09-01

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