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Goo Media Center / News: Recent posts

Goo Media Center 2.71 now released

Just in time for the 5,000 download a new version is now available.

fixes include, xvid, audio equalizer and extra stereo.

new features, encode to divx more media types supported

so get it now in the downloads page.

Posted by diddy 2007-01-16

GMC 2.61 now released

GMC 2.61 is now released

New features
Encode / Convert / Rip media into not only mp3 but other formats like ac3 and mpeg2
keep audio change video added in the file converter menu
keep video change audio added in the file converter menu
fixes for running on 64 bit systems (now works)

Posted by diddy 2006-09-21

GMC 2.61 on its way

Within the next two weeks GMC 2.61 should be available for download.

Fixed issue with running on 64 bit machines
Added support for converting audio to AC3 or Mpeg2 (no longer just mp3).
added a schedule file convert option - good for setting a time to start converting media. good for overnight conversions.
added support for keeping video format and changing the audio format.
added support for keeping audio format but keeping the video format.
Updated radio list in the Net Radio screen.

Posted by diddy 2006-09-15

GMC 2.6 now available

GMC 2.6 is now available for download.

new features include :-
convert media files to compliant DVD Mpeg2 formats
Fixed "Check for updates" button
added drag and drop functions to main screen, file converter and play a file screens
added support for more file formats.

Happy downloading !

Posted by diddy 2006-09-03

GMC 2.6 on its way

Version 2.6 is currently being programed.

expected updates include

ability to encode to High definition (480, 720, 1080) video
Compliant DVD media conversion
Update to File format support with even more codecs added

Posted by diddy 2006-08-23