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Little update

It's small, but it's the first update since a long time so worth mentioning. I reviewed and applied two patches: one from Stanislav Brabec (SuSE) fixing a little compilation warnings, one from Rémi Duraffort (VLC) fixing memory leaks.

Notice also that the project is switching from CVS to Bazaar, so new version can now be found here:

- Jeko

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2009-05-07


This is something often said on open-source projects' homepage: "It has been a long time of inactivity... But we are not dead!".

That's true, we are not dead but busy with other projects and work and real life, etc.

However, a few days ago a generous donator (I don't know if he likes his name to be said?) offered an opportunity to make goom goes a big step further by paying us some development time.... read more

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2008-06-03

Goom2k4 Final

1 month after the first release candidate, I'm proud to announce that goom2k4 is now considered as almost stable. A final version with a few bug fix is available for download on the file section.

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2005-02-11

Christmas Goom

As promised, I worked to make goom 2 ready for a public release for Christmas, the main problems are fixed I think : goom2k4-rc1 is available for download in the file section.

Of course many things I wanted to be ready for this version are not: wide usage of goomsl and a better API for libgoom will wait for goom2k5.

Thanks for feedback.
-- JC

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2004-12-26

Release approches

I worked for 2 days on many small problems to solve before making a release:
- the rotozoomer is now nicely integrated (maybe it appears to much... we'll see)
- I also made less disturbing fireworks and rain effects by making them only appears on screen's borders.
I'm now trying to fix a strange behaviour of the xmms plugin: sometime it does not cleanup when xmms is closed. strange strange strange...

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2004-12-13

Back on track

After cleaning the CVS, I imported today the development version of goom into it. I just started working on a small overlayed-rotozoom effect.. Not so nice for now but don't complain please!

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2004-12-10

Goom on Windows Media Player !

Fred is working a lot :))
The wgoom package now contain also a plugin for WMP..
(and still have Winamp plugin, ScreenSaver and a SoundCard Input version)

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2001-07-16

Goom 1.7

Here is Goom 1.7 !!!
Not a lot of new features.. just a wonderful Water effect.
But this version has a new code architechture which will made changes a bit more easy.

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2001-07-16

Goom on WinAmp !

just one week after the iTune version : here is the winamp version.
the package name is wgoom, maintained by Fred.
More informations on

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2001-07-13

Goom on iTune !

Coming in a few days...
ScreenShots can be seens on

Posted by Jean-Christophe Hoelt 2001-07-11

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