#35 Google Tasks support

TBA 1.3
Yu I.

Would be nice if Googsystray supports Google Tasks as well.
Maybe as a part of Google Calendar function?


  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2010-02-04

    It's a good idea. I'm planning a bunch of Calendar stuff for 1.3, so I'll take a look at the api and see how it works.

  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2010-02-04
    • labels: --> Interface Improvements
    • milestone: --> TBA 1.3
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jimduchek
  • Yu I.

    Yu I. - 2010-02-05

    Thanks for reply. I'm looking forward to it :D

  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2010-10-09

    You'll be happy to know I've begun reverse-engineering the tasks api and there'll be some basic support in tonight's nightly build (really just adding a new task from a quick-key). Have advanced the calendar support but it's all under the hood -- nothing new to the user yet.


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