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No contacts shown in SMS window

  • pauljd70

    pauljd70 - 2010-02-21


    Im running the latest stable build.  Recently the contacts arent shown when typing in an SMS.  So prior to this when I typed in the name of a contact it would list as I was typing the matches and then I would click and create the SMS.  Now even though the contacts in Gmail are the same as before and I can see all my contacts in google voice too, they are no longer displayed when creating an SMS.  I have to type in the number directly.

    Any ideas?

  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2010-02-21

    That's strange.  I don't believe Google's changed the API or anything.  Have you changed anything recently on your system, added a new account, anything like that?  Have you added any new contacts recently who may have 'foreign' characters in their name?  That might cause problems (I'm working on full utf-8 support for 1.2, but I know they break some things in the current version).

  • pauljd70

    pauljd70 - 2010-02-22

    No changes as I know of.  Same thing has happened on the other install I have on a different laptop.  I guess I can delet every contact and add 1 manually and see if it see's it now.

  • pauljd70

    pauljd70 - 2010-02-23


    I wanted to let you know I got it working again.  I noticed that there was also a problem with another program which accesses the google API too.  I reset the tcp stack and also used combifix to see if I had some rogue setting that i couldn't find.

    seems to have fixed it so I either had a corruption of some other issue.




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