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Jim Duchek
  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2009-12-02

    Hi all.  After 1.0, I'd prefer not to be doing full public releases quite as often.  This will mean pre-release testing, especially for Windows (as I don't use it, personally).  If anyone is interested in volunteering to help test new features/fixes/etc before I do a public release, please email me at jim.duchek@gmail.com, and let me know what OS(es) you use (Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.10, etc), 32 or 64 bit, dual/single head, and if it is a GNU/Linux system, what desktop environment and/or window manager you use (if you know).


  • Leinardi

    Leinardi - 2009-12-09

    Email sent.

    I would like to test googsystray on:

    - OS: Ubuntu 9.10 32 bit
    - DE: GNOME
    - WM: Compiz

  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2009-12-20

    Pinging this thread to the top.   Always need more.

  • Jason Benoit

    Jason Benoit - 2009-12-31

    I can help Jim. I use Ubuntu, but I also have Windows 7 Release candidate installed. I hardly ever use the XP installation, but that will change once the RC for Win7 goes away…. I generally don't do Windows often, but I guess I could if you needed it.

  • stimulus2da

    stimulus2da - 2010-01-04

    It looks like you need some people testing on windows.  I am running Windows Vista x64.

  • pauljd70

    pauljd70 - 2010-01-05

    I am using windows XP.. old but true.  Great app for work environs.

    OS: WinXP Pro SP3
    Dual Pro

  • David Mikhail

    David Mikhail - 2010-02-23

    I sent an email, but haven't heard what to do.  I  can test on 2 fairly robust XP sp3 machines.  Of of them perhaps soon to be Windows 7.

  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2010-02-23

    I'm a little backlogged in my email, sorry I didn't get back to you, although I have your email addy saved.  Essentially, once I start gearing up for the 1.2 release (and other releases after that) I'll send out an email to the folks who want to test and we'll try to make sure there's no really nasty bugs before the release goes public.  If you want to play with the latest and greatest (and somewhat buggiest ;) now, you can check out the nightly builds.  I don't know when I'm going to do 1.2 - I was originally planning it for the end of January but I have just not had any time at all to put in the final stuff I want to add/fix.


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