Jim Duchek - 2009-12-26

Hi all.  If any of you speak English as well as a second language, I'm looking for volunteers for translators.  If you've never helped on i18n of software before, here's what it entails:

Prior to new releases, you'll receive a file in a special format that contains all the strings (in English) used in googsystray.  There's space for the translation in another langauge (It's pretty self-explanatory once you see it).  The very first time, it's a pretty good chunk of work - every string used needs to be translated.  Later versions will be much easier though, as you'll just need to do any new strings or strings that have changed.

I can't offer much, but you'll get your name in the credits. 

Judging by the analytics on who visits here, the languages most needed (I have a guy doing Chinese already) would be:

- Spanish
- Russian
- Italian
- Turkish
- Japanese
- French

But of course, any other languages are appreciated as well.

Please email me @ jim.duchek@gmail.com