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more Feature requests

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-12-18

    - multi-account support
    - google apps or what the thing for your own domain is called
    - auto-login if this still works (
    continue= (and if you implement this, make an alternative for german users who can not use, only
    - for mail:
        -  button
        - read full message in popup + clickable links (there is a great
       linux notifier which does this)
        - define pop-up position (the "nice" style makes it appear in between of
       my two monitors)
        - new mail indication in icon (grey = no unread, red = unread or something)
    - for calendar:
        - next events (agenda) as tooltip or on single click in a popup

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-12-18

    oh and btw:
    you have been mentioned on, expect loads of traffic.

    and thx for the app :)

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-12-20

    oh very important:
    - open pop-up when new mail arrives!

  • Jim Duchek

    Jim Duchek - 2009-12-20

    Please use the 'feature request' tracker.  All of these issues have already been submitted, except the 'auto-login' one - I'm not sure what you're saying there.


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