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#193 Does not work between 2 computers

Bug (106)

I have an android mobile with my google acount. I have outlook 2010 on desktop and laptop.
I sync my desktop outlook to google using gocontact sync mod. If I only do this one way, it mostly works.
However, I need to get my contacts onto my laptop. the 2 years Ive been using contact sync mod, its has always been an unmitigated disaster.
I get so many errors and problems, twice I have had to retype all 1200 contacts by hand from a contact sheet print out I thankfully did once.

The crux is this, if i only sync from outlook=> google, it kind of works. I say Kind of because if I edit a contact in outlook, then sync, it always says that contact has changed in outlook and google, and asks me to chose which. Very silly, but I can live with it.

Then when I travel, I have to upldate the laptop. I dread this. I have exactly the same version of GCSM and outlook installed on both machines. I have the same settings in GCSM on both machines. when I update the laptop, if I say google->outlook only, it aways says skipped 1200 of 1200. It has never worked. Instead Every time, I always have to say "reset matches". Then it syncronises some (about half). I get about 200 skipped, and a lot of other errors, including: (note, I only ever do google->outlook on the laptop as doing it both ways is guaranteed to toast my contacts).
1) No match found for google contact (...)
2) Outlook contact matching with multiple google contacts found.
3) skipped google contact because no unique property found...

Now when I go back to the desktop which kind of worked before, now it updates EVERY contact from google.

It also scrables email addreses etc. which I put in the notes in outlook.

I could cry. I have been trying for so many years to sync my contacts between 2 pcs and a phone, I dont think its possible.

Has anyone got any strategy, software or secret to syncing 2 outlook pcs with go contact sync mod, or any other SW?


  • hobbss2

    hobbss2 - 2013-02-02

    I just deleted via two of the google "duplicate" contacts (which are not duplicates, they are just contacts with same names but lots of different data), Then I synced my desktop with Merge prompt, sync deltion and prompt deletion all ticked.

    The contacts name was Raju.

    Now I get in my sync:

    [02/02/2013 22:59:37 | Information] Matching Outlook and Google contacts...
    [02/02/2013 23:00:44 | Information] No match found for outlook contact (adf) => Delete from Outlook
    [02/02/2013 23:00:44 | Information] No match found for outlook contact (Raju) => Delete from Outlook
    [02/02/2013 23:00:44 | Information] No match found for outlook contact (Raju) => Delete from Outlook

    So basically, it looks like any contact I delete from google, will never be deleted out of outlook.

    Also, the sync now hangs on the pc (after resetting matches on laptop), it just says:

    [02/02/2013 23:02:49 | Information] Updated Outlook contact from Google: "york, new".

    Then nothing - sync button greyed out - have to kill the app.

  • hobbss2

    hobbss2 - 2013-02-02

    Now every time I sync between desktop and google, it always updates every outlook contact from goolge every time. it takes about 15 minutes.

  • hobbss2

    hobbss2 - 2013-02-03

    I confirm I have the latest version on both machines (3.5.21). Both machines have windows 7 64 bit (one pro, one home). Both have identicle versions of outlook.

    I tried deleting all the contacts on the laptop, so there were no contacts at all (e.g. if search contacts, get none, list contacts, get none).

    Then i did a sync "google to outlook".

    Now It pops up: "No mach found for contact xxx" delete from google? for all 1200 contacts.

    It just does not work at all.

  • hobbss2

    hobbss2 - 2013-02-03

    I just tried doing a "reset matches" on the laptop. It hangs with the spinning wheel of death. Absolutely nothing is working for me with this SW unfortunately.

  • hobbss2

    hobbss2 - 2013-02-03

    Ok, I gave up. I exported the contacts as a pst, then imported them on the notebook. You can close this case.

  • Florian Saller

    Florian Saller - 2013-03-29
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