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#84 Better duplicate handling


I have two laptops running Outlook, and an Android mobile phone. Currently one laptop has about 2000 contacts in it, the other laptop somewhat fewer but different contacts, and my phone has a subset. There are many duplicate contacts due to failed attempts to synchronise using various software over the years. I want (a) to have all my contacts on all my devices, (b) for any changes I make to any device to be automatically copied to the others, and (c) to be rid of all the duplicates. I hope GO Contact Sync Mod can help me with all these things. I am assuming that Google will make sure that my Android phone is properly synced with my Google account.

It seems to me that I need a better facility for dealing with duplicates. I've gurrently got GCSM set to prompt before merge. When it finds a duplicate, it puts up a dialog: "There are multiple Google contacts matching unique properties for the Outlook contact xxx@yyy.zzz. Please choose the Google contact you would like to match with Outlook and if you want to keep the Google or Outlook properties of the selected contact".

It displays the two sets of contact details. It woould be better if:
1. It displayed all the duplicate contacts whether in Google or in Outlook.
2. It highlighted the fields that are different between the duplicates.
3. It gave the option on which values of the various fields to accept. It is not necessarily the case that one contact has all the correct values. What if one contact has the address, and the other has the phone number? I want to keep both values.
4. There was the option to edit field values if none of them are correct.
5. There was an option to automatically merge duplicate contacts that are identical. It is only when the contacts are different in soome way that I want to choose which fields to preserve.

Am I right to guess that on clicking Keep Outlook that the matching Google record that I have chosen is thrown away and replaced by a copy of the Outlook entry? What happens to the Google entries that I have _not_ chosen? Are they deleted, or do they remain in the database?

Thanks - Rowan


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