#18 Ability to merge gmail and outlook contacts


Ability to merge gmail contacts into outlook and vice versa and not have one prioritize over the other. There could be a prompt to show merge options if two contacts exist on both gmail and outlook but have different details entered.

IE: If I'm on the road and enter in a detail in gmail but I have 'Outlook wins' on my desktop Outlook then this contact will never get synced to my desktop. It will be gmail alone.


  • Florian Saller

    Florian Saller - 2012-04-12

    Exactly this is, what "Outlook wins" or "Google wins" does: If there was a change on one side (Google or Outlook), the change is synced properly, only if both contacts have been changed since the last sync, then Outlook or Google win. If you don't like this, you can use "Merge prompt", then it will aks you, which one to keep, if the contact has been changed on both sides

  • Florian Saller

    Florian Saller - 2012-04-12
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