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Posted by Craig Silverstein 2007-01-25

Version 0.4 released

* ctemplate: version 0.4 release
* Improve html-escaping by adding single-quote (bdangelo)
* Improve javascript-escaping by adding more characters too (smknappy)
* Add url-escaping, for url query parameters (dcoker)
* Add support for "pre" escaping, which preserves whitespace (dboswell)
* Typo fixes in documentation (csilvers)
* Expand() returns false if a template file failed to load (jmittleman)

Posted by Craig Silverstein 2007-01-16

Version 0.3 released

Mon Aug 21 17:44:32 2006 Google Inc. <>

* ctemplate: version 0.3 release
* New contrib/ directory entry: vi syntax highlighting (patlac)
* New contrib/ directory entry: emacs syntax highlighting (tonyg)
* Allow escape-modifiers to affect includes, not just vars (csilvers)
* Add JSON escape-functor (majewski)

Posted by Craig Silverstein 2006-08-22

Version 0.2 released

Wed Jun 14 14:56:04 2006 Google Inc. <>

* ctemplate: version 0.2 release
* API CHANGE: new typedefs (and types) for namelist functions (csilvers)
* carry annotation status through to child templates/sections (ehamon)
* Support registering templates after global construct time (njain)
* Add pthread-rwlock support for darwin (csilvers)
* SetTemplateGlobalValue(): new variable type with new scoping (ehamon)
* Export a nothreads version of the ctemplate library (csilvers)
* Got rid of scandir call, which should improve portability (csilvers)

Posted by Craig Silverstein 2006-06-14

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