On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 20:58 +1100, Richard Gipps wrote:
The original problem I has was with the path for Perl in the first
line of the glib-mkenums script. I fixed that and the script generated
the goocanvasenumtypes.h/.c files without any further problems. Then
when it came to compilation I got the following error:

In file included from goocanvas.h:11,
                 from goocanvasatk.c:13:
./goocanvasenumtypes.h:10: error: syntax error before ':' token

When I had a look at the generated .h file  and it was obvious why:

/* Generated data (by glib-mkenums) */


#include <glib-object.h>

D:/Lang/MinSYS/* Enumerations from "goocanvasitem.h" *//n
<--------the script inserted garbage here
GType goo_canvas_animate_type_get_type (void);

D:/Lang/MinSYS/* Enumerations from "goocanvasutils.h" *//n
<--------the script inserted garbage here
GType goo_canvas_pointer_events_get_type (void);

I am not sure why this would happen. I think it may just be easier for
me to modify the make file so that it doesn't generate the
goocanvasenumtypes.h/.c files and use the ones you provide as
goocanvas compiles fine with them.

That is a bit odd. I can't immediately spot the problem in the scripts.

For now you can use the --disable-rebuilds flag to configure to stop it
trying to rebuild the goocanvasenumtypes.h/.c files.

I tried your suggestion (configure --disable-rebuilds) at the command line, but it still rebuilt the files. Do I need files newer than those in the goocanvas-0.7 distribution?

Richard Gipps.