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New snaphot is released (Solaris/x86)

New snapshot with compiled binary of the Golded+ 1.1.5 is released today for Solaris/x86 platform.

changes since Golded+ snapshot for the Jul 3, 2006.

- uudecoder: now are skipped all lines which follows lines with mask
"sum -r/size [0-9]+/[0-9]+ section.*" or "section [0-9]+ end.*"
! UseTZUTC default value changed from "no" to "yes".
= Snapshot for the Nov 16, 2006.
+ Cashed last opened thread, that greatly increase tree opening speed,
especially useful for READGotoThNextUnread.
+ When moving from recyclebin, area from AREA: kludge is selected by default.
- uudecoder: now are skipped all lines which follows line that starts
with "sum -r/size ".
- Win32: Fixed often registry reading when MCI sounds are enabled.
- Golded+ can crash in message list if size of name or subject is too big.
- Fixed delete menu dialog, when unsent message is to be deleted to recyclebin.
- Fixed idle time counting.
- ^char in commandline keystack should work now.

Posted by Stanislav Mekhanoshin 2006-12-06

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