New snaphot is released (Solaris/x86)

New snapshot with compiled binary of the Golded+ 1.1.5 is released today for Solaris/x86 platform.

changes since Golded+ snapshot for the May 15, 2006.

- Fixed buffer overrun in template parsing.
+ Support for keyword 'set' in fidoconfig.
- Golded+ can crash when parsing fidoconfig.
- Fixed string subscript out of range in editors undo stack.
+ Added ReadForceDeleteMsg (default is #Del) to the goldkeys.cfg used to
delete messages without moving them to AreaRecicleBin.
! Token AreaRecycleBin changed to AreaRecycleBin <area> [NoAsk/Ask]
Default is to not ask.
+ Turn on flag 'Locked' if TimeOutSaveMsg is enabled.
- Additional check of token ST_EDITSTATUS.
- Fixed infinite loop when parsing template, if @random token file
was not found.
- Golded+ can crash in editor if line is 0 char long.
+ On first pressing ReadFindNext key and ReadFindAll/ReadFindHeader was
not pressed before, it will work like ReadFindAll key.
+ Improved floating reply threads logic (see ReplyLinkFloat).
+ Reply thread is generated a bit faster.

Posted by Stanislav Mekhanoshin 2013-04-25

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