New snapshot is released (srcs, cfgs, win32, DPMI, Linux)

New snapshot of the Golded+ 1.1.5 is released today. It's inluding source package, config files examples package and compiled binary packages for:
- Win32 - MS Visual C build with MS Office's spellchecker feature,
- Win32 - MinGW32 build,
- GNU/Linux.

Changes since Golded+ snapshot for the January 14, 2006.

+ MS Office Spell checker feature is included into default MS Visual C build
! Spell checking using MS Office DLL (Win32 only). Disable external
spell check program if new spell checker is enabled. See -DGCFG_NOSPELLDLL
(/DGCFG_NOSPELLDLL) compiler option.
Config files tokens:
SCHECKERDEFLANG (golded.cfg) default language to spell check;
SCHECKERENABLED (golded.cfg) enable/disable spell checker;
SCHECKERUSERDIC (golded.cfg) user dictionnary file;
EDITSCHECKERMENU (goldkeys.cfg) Key binding for Spell checker menu call;
! Search config file sequence (*nix):
command line option "-C",
enviroment variable "GOLDED" (filename),
file ${GOLDED}/golded.conf,
file ${GOLDED}/golded.cfg,
enviroment variable "GED" (filename),
file ${GED}/golded.conf,
file ${GED}/golded.cfg,
file ~/.golded,
file ~/.golded/golded.conf,
file ~/.golded/golded.cfg,
file ~/golded.conf,
file ~/golded.cfg,
file /usr/local/etc/golded.conf,
file /usr/local/etc/golded.cfg.
- If AREAFILE fidoconfig not exists or can't be opened then Golded+ is printing
the diagnostic message.
- Fix start messages output for *NIX (CR/LF problem).
- Fixed marks and lastread pointers for move command.
- Win9x: Fixed waiting for key pressing before area scanning.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2006-01-21

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