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New snapshot is released (sources, configs, win32, DPMI)

New snapshot of the Golded+ 1.1.5 is released today.

Changes since Golded+ snapshot for the December 23, 2005

- Prevent crash of golded while formatting status line.
- Added "news:" and "ed2k://" to the list of known URLs beginning.
+ New reader key READGotoThNextUnread (default: @Down) added, that will
cycle thorough all unread messages of current thread.
- Win32: file attach is no more translated to upper case.
+ New russian and ukrainian charset tables (conversion from/to ISO 8859-5).
Add/update common used charset aliases.
- Fixed charset level detection. Text will not be translated if level > 2.
- Placed AKAMatchManually after all aka matching logic.
- Fixed buffer overun for too wide menus.
+ Added new config file token: XlatCharSetAlias "charset" "alias1" "alias2"...
that defines charset aliases for import tables.
+ Add charset translation tables for koi7 charset: koi7-koi7 (no translation),
koi7<->koi8-r, koi7<->cp866.
- Fixed destination address selection for commented replays in echo areas.
+ Now golded+ can draw box lines. Use keyboard configuration keyword
EditDrawLines (default: ^D) to toggle draw modes.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2013-04-25

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