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New snapshot is released (sources, configs, win32, DPMI)

New snapshot of the Golded+ 1.1.5 is released today.
+ Added character code from cursor position to editor status bar.
NOTE: ST_EDITSTATUS changed to "Edit %i,%i (%02X). %s". Add octal and
decimal examples into language definition files (goldlang.*).
- regex: \w and \W work for all characters. Also, \b and \B should work
- Fixed case sensitive advances search.
+ AKAMatchManually will work also for forwards and new messages in netmail
areas. AKAMatchNet must be on.
- Win32: prevent video buffer overflow.
- Fixed thread list when replylinkfloat is on (incorrect name position).
- Now exists all variants of the AREAFILE token in config examples.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2013-04-25

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