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second alpha release

The second release is finished.
As i do use it every day, you might be able to do so also.

This is still alpha and might crash and has very limited features though.

Posted by Sebastian Kasparek 2007-12-02

first public release

first public version released, it's a featureless alpha thingy, don't expect anything

Posted by Sebastian Kasparek 2007-11-16

goIRC project started

I started the goIRC Project and do a code cleanup of the first Alpha Version now. When the code is ready for public release, i'll put it into the repository and release a binary. Main goal of the first public release is to have a working version of an irc client with a structure to be able to extend the client with features.

Features of the first release will be the ability to connect to a server, join channels and write to the channels, nothing more. So don't expect any usable thing, just a "technical preview".

Posted by Sebastian Kasparek 2007-11-06