GOdroid is an Android application to play the strategic board game Go against the GPL Go engine GNU Go. It contains a Go board UI and minor changes to GNU Go. This site contains the sources for the UI and the (few) changes to the GNU Go sources.

Translations contributed by
- Chinese: Jean Lea and Kid Wong
- Russian: Шмойлов Валерий
- Danish and Norwegian: Michael Berthelsen
- Polish: Piotr Goliasz
- Finnish: Daniel Landau
- Romanian: Mircea Damian
- Spanish: Pol Urós Guardiola
- Portuguese (Brazil): Igor Costa
- Italian: Alessio Gerola
- Hungarian: Téglás Zoltán, review: András Oláh
- French: Laurent L

Volunteers for providing additional translations are very welcome - it's easy, just fill out a google docs/drive spreadsheet.

Project Members: