Gobo 3.6 released

A new release of Gobo is available from the usual locations:


This version should work with the forthcoming release of ISE's EiffelStudio 6.0.

Note that the license has been changed since the last release. Gobo packages are now released under the MIT license.

Also, in order to avoid binary file incompatibilities between operating systems, the Gobo package does not contain executables anymore. Instead of that, the directory $GOBO/bin contains the C files of the Gobo Eiffel compiler which will be used by a script to populate this directory with the binary files for your platform. When installing the Gobo package, you will now have to run either:

%GOBO%\install.bat msc

under Windows, or:

$GOBO/install.sh gcc

under Unix/Linux in order to generate the binary files of the Gobo tools in the directory $GOBO/bin.

Finally, note that the Visual Eiffel compiler is not supported anymore. Indeed Visual Eiffel does not support Agents, Tuples, INTEGER_64 among other things. The Gobo project tried not to use these constructs so far, but this is becoming too constraining.

For more details about this new release of Gobo, please read the Readme file and the online documentation:


Posted by Eric Bezault 2007-06-14

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