Gobo 3.5 released

The long awaited new release of the Gobo package is now available from the usual locations:


It contains many new libraries and tools since the last release, among which:

* An Eiffel library for command-line argument parsing.
* An XSLT processor entirely written in Eiffel using the Gobo Eiffel XML Library.
* An Eiffel compiler, still under development but already able to compile all the Eiffel code contained in the Gobo package.

For more details, please read the Readme file and the online documentation:


The Gobo package supports most Eiffel compilers:

* GEC: the Gobo Eiffel compiler, of course.

* ISE: note that although it has been successfully tested with versions 5.7/6.0, I want to boycott this version of the compiler in protest against ECF and the way ISE introduced it. Therefore Gobo 3.5 does not officially support 5.7/6.0. Because ECF has also caused many problems to some users of Gobo who were not able to switch to ISE 5.7, Gobo will still support ISE 5.6 for the time being.

* SE: only the 1.2 development branch of this compiler is supported. SE 2.* is not supported anymore because it implements another language than the one supported in Gobo.

* VE: it's probably the last release of Gobo that supports Visual Eiffel. The problem is that there has been no activity on the VE mailing list and SourceForge repository for almost 2 years. This is a big issue for Gobo because we cannot use some Eiffel constructs implemented for a long time in other compilers such as Agents for example which are still missing in VE.

Finally, note that following a discussion at NICE a few months ago, the next version of Gobo will be
released under the MIT license.

Posted by Eric Bezault 2007-01-23

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