Additional codes I encounter include:


On 17 February 2013 14:33, Colin Adams <> wrote:
Thanks for that.
In fact, I'm not getting as far as that, as after parsing the ECF, last_system.error_handler.has_eiffel_error returns True, as it finds errors in
the ISE standard libraries.

I'm using ES 7.2 (Linux 64-bit), and the Gobo libraries that it ships. Would I be better using git HEAD gobo? Or do I possibly just have incorrect settings on the parser?

The errors that it finds are:

1 Syntax error:
Syntax error:
line 40 column 39 in /home/colin/Eiffel72/library/base/elks/kernel/utf_converter.e

        escape_character: CHARACTER_32 = '%/0xFFFD/'
                        -- Unicode replacement character to escape invalid UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding.

quite a lot of GVKBU-1 errors. E.g.

[GVKBU-1] class REAL_64_REF (78,2): unknown built-in routine `positive_infinity' in class REAL_64_REF.

and quite a lot of VEEN-8 errors. E.g.

[VEEN-8] class ARRAYED_LIST (761,10): `l_count' appearing in feature `correct_mismatch' or one of its possibly nested inline agents, is an object-test local that is used outside of its scope.

On 17 February 2013 12:48, Eric Bezault <> wrote:
On 2/16/2013 8:39 PM, Colin Adams wrote:
Having parsed an ECF file to flat degree 3, how can I find which note
items are associated with a function?

It's available in ET_FEATURE.first_indexing.
In order to make sure that it is populated by the parser,
you have to make sure that it uses an instance of

        l_ast_factory: ET_DECORARED_AST_FACTORY
        create l_ast_factory.make
        l_system.set_ast_factory (l_ast_factory)

Eric Bezault