#45 New GEC version fails to compile good old projects.

gec (14)

The new GEC version (GIT version 6857a16098ba22ce158627abfe2d5348b617378d from 7-July 2011) does not compile an old project
that has been compiled successfully by previous compiler versions, For example, features of a class are not found while the class text clearly says that they are there. The error messages sound as if during analysis of one class knowledge of another class is needed but not ready and the other class is not analyzed on the flight.

The failure occurs for a rather large project, smaller sub-projects are compiled successfully, so I add the sources of the large project. To test it, unpack the TAR file in some directory, switch to that directory and the enter the commands (in UNIX notation):
setenv WJ `pwd` # WJ is referred to in the XACE file
cd candys
gec --cc=no --catcall=no ca.xace

With regards

The TAR file is too large to be added to this report. You may find it at


  • Eric Bezault

    Eric Bezault - 2011-07-11

    Recently I've been notified that EiffelStudio was compliant with ECMA and was rejecting commas at the end of the last rename clause but gec was not. So I had to change that, and now gec considers this case as a syntax error as well. Unfortunately no error message was sent to the user when this occurs. This is now fixed in the new version in the trunk. You should now get syntax error messages, in BIF_GRAPH and other classes. After removing the trailing comma in the rename clauses, gec should be able to compile your project as before.

  • Eric Bezault

    Eric Bezault - 2011-07-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ericb
    • milestone: --> trunk
    • labels: --> gec
    • status: open --> closed

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