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Release of version 2.2!

Version 2.2, including new dronescanner, has been released! Lots of improvements, check it out

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2003-06-20

Red-hat package added

A new package was added to the project,
this pacakge includes both source and binaries
that were compiled on red-hat 7.3.

Posted by MrBean 2003-03-14

GNUworld Logo Contest

The official logo contest has been started,
please vist for more details

Posted by MrBean 2002-08-13

New forum

There is a new forum for the project, it can be accessed by

Posted by MrBean 2002-08-11

New modules addition

Two new modules were added to the gnuworld core in the last few days,

mod.scanner - although its far from working, it'll be a proxy detection module, its coded by ripper.

mod.nickserv - the name says it all actually, its coded by jeekay.

Posted by MrBean 2002-08-11

Version 2.0!

The version 2.0 of gnuworld has been released. Many more *major* changes on the way

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2002-05-26


We're finally released! We now have a stable version to release to the general public. This is the same version running continuously on the UnderNet. A file download is now available.

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2001-06-19

pgsql location

It is now possible to specify the top-level directory location of the pgsql installation. Simply use ./configure --with-pgsql=directory_location...This is also in the ./configure --help

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2001-06-19

Runtime Module Loading

GNUWorld now supports runtime loading/unloading/reloading of client modules! It wasn't nearly as easy as you might think, but it appears to run quite well...

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2001-06-19


All client modules are now built with libltdl (libtool), which should greatly increase the number of systems on which clients can be run.

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2001-06-19

Undernet Channel services server "CMaster (X)" released

Its been in production use for some months now, and I'm fairly confident the current CVS (1.0pl4) can be classified as 'stable', and is therefore the first official release.

Downloadable tgz's will be made available on request, however CVS is still the prefered method of retrieval as updates are being made in GNUWorld/Modules all the time :)

Posted by Greg Sikorski 2001-04-25

Channel events

OnChannelEvent() has been altered in the following way:
- The second argument (the channel name, const string&) has been changed to type Channel* (a pointer to the channel in question)
- The Channel* that had been passed as Data1 is now no longer sure to update your code to reflect this fact

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2000-12-13

Timer system documentation

The timer system is now documented under the developer documentation.

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2000-11-04

API Documentation

Built new API documentation web pages, they're pretty cool!

Posted by Daniel Karrels 2000-11-04

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