wget SYSTEM_WGETRC messages always show

  • Ben

    Ben - 2010-11-09

    GNU Wget 1.11.4 -- when running any command, this is output:

    SYSTEM_WGETRC = c:/progra~1/wget/etc/wgetrc
    syswgetrc = c:/progra~1/wget/etc/wgetrc

    This is discussed and a fix proposed by Micah J. Cowan (Maintainer of GNU
    Wget) here: http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-

    I'll reproduce the post here for convenience:

    Hash: SHA1

    Tim Tebbe wrote:

    I am using Windows XP SP2.

    No matter which command I issue to wget, the SYSTEM_WGETRC and syswgetrc

    variables display, even when I use the "quiet" option.

    Our wget releases doesn't issue such messages (nor our development

    sources). It looks like GnuWin32's modified version of our sources,

    however, do.

    Their modifications do try to shut up the message if it's not in verbose

    mode, however the code to do so is incorrect: it checks using "if

    (!opt.verbose)", whereas it should use "logprintf(LOG_NONVERBOSE, ..."

    As a workaround, try supplying the "-nv" option; that should shut up the



    Micah J. Cowan

    Programmer, musician, typesetting enthusiast, gamer.

    Maintainer of GNU Wget and GNU Teseq


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)

    Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla -




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  • ViT

    ViT - 2010-11-16

    don't work "-nv"

    p.s. version 1.11.4

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-16

    Yeah, -nv dopesn't suppress the message for me either (also using 1.11.4)

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-11-17

    try this version here



    set wgetrc environment

    also wget maintainer is working on a new release but it is not ready yet. when
    it is i'll have it up with openssl 1.0.0b

  • Ben

    Ben - 2010-11-17

    Thanks, Jay; that fixed the issue.

  • ViT

    ViT - 2010-11-17


    but version 1.12 don't work on windows 2000. (require ws2_32.dll)

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-11-18

    version 1.12 don't work on windows 2000. (require ws2_32.dll)

    Hi, yes that's probably true of all Windows 2000 systems. I had defined WINVER
    to 0x0501 (XP) so that I could compile in IPv6 support. There is an alternate
    way to enable IPv6 support:


    However wspiapi.h isn't just declarations it's definitions and that code is
    copyrighted microsoft, and I'm guessing that's why it's not included with
    mingw. The workaround would probably be to check for free/getaddrinfo in
    ws2_32 and if not found check in wship6 (IPv6 preview library for Win2k) and
    if not there give up. I'll look into it.

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-11-22


    how stable is the openssl part in this package? It's version 1.0.0a while
    the latest version in http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages.html is still version 0.9.8h.

    Nobody should be using version 0.9.8h any longer. Yes, the compile of OpenSSL
    1.0.0a is stable. The GetGnuWin32 download script offers to install OpenSSL
    1.0.0a as a supplement, currently. OpenSSL 1.0.0b was released several days
    ago. It has an important security fix if you're using the TLS server extension
    (CVE-2010-3864). I'm going to compile OpenSSL 1.0.0b and the latest wget devel
    code after I resolve a conflict with the select() replacement in wget.

    For now use OpenSSL 1.0.0a and wget combo, it's fine.


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