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Automatic recognition of all network interfaces for some operating systems.

Closure of nat/network classify functionality into server core.

Call forwarding now supported, but only either to registered destinations
or external uri's.  There is no forwarding yet to/from hunt or call groups.
Call forwarding includes busy, no answer, dnd, and away, though support is
still needed to receive ua status changes for dnd and away.  Meet-me/follow-
me operations are now handled by multipath registration.

The subscriber module supports clean provider registration management, however 
it still needs generation and introduction of fake registry for subscriber 
call legs.  This involves some new patch methods as part of invite handling.

Hunt groups, Call Coverage, Delayed ringing, and distribution models outside of
multipath registration.

Cleaner cancel in multi-path calling so answered calls do not become "missed
calls" to cancelled ua's.

Setable logging properties to disable logging files (or optionally move into
a generic logging plugin).

Explicit SWIG and xmlrpc interfaces for specific server control methods rather
than using the generic "control" interface??

SIP Witch "DO" support with embedded xmlrpc.

Telecenter plugin to track hotelled registrations and route calls from
telecenter providers to ua.

Generic SIP service provider module (an enhanced version of subscriber).

What does cf mean/operate with respect to secure calling domains?

"ref:" uri of a call forward target to force refer method??

User (from ua & fifo) setable call forward and speed dial tables.

Feature code processing.

Global and per user Speed dial tables.

Inbound uri request aliasing.

actual sdp rewrite support in rtp proxying, only classification implemented

authentication handling for b2b outside dialing of arbitrary sip uri's.

Messaging and presense.

Full routing and gateway operations.

Ring mode for 183 ringback/preconnect.

Message waiting notification.

More complete instant messaging support with offline queuing and offsite

Need configurable master timer and per user settings for cfna timer.

Call forward "all" calls and "gone" mode.

Call hold and recall.

Call transfer/refer pass-thru on connected sessions.

Mysql db module plugin.

Packet forward plugin.

Radius plugin.

Telephony Management Protocol plugin (based on Bayonne tmp).

More Temporarily unavailable possibilities based on configurable server
"limits" for allocating call legs (sessions) and other resources to prevent
memory exhaustion/denial of service attacks on deeply embedded deployments.

Admin setting of server state from a ua.

Stun server plugin.

shell utility to server auth method?

shell utility to manage sipuser auth file?

User/auth verify method from control fifo.

Sunrpc or corba interfaces?

Web based TMS?  

Any other interesting and common pbx or key system calling features, including
hold/park/recall, call transfer with recall timers, etc.  Support for attendant
console and blf keys over SIP?  SIP ACD call queues, agent positions, and 

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