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 The primary copyright holder is David Sugar and Tycho Softworks, both
 directly and through copyright assignment.
-GNU Bayonne was held in copyright directly and by assignment by Open Source
-Telecom corporation prior to dissolution in 2005.  At that time OST was
-dissolved full copyright to Bayonne, as well as to Common C++, ccScript, and
-ccAudio, was reverted in full to David Sugar, as well as given separately and
-in full to Rich Bodo, Mark Lipscombe, and Martin Clinton.  This branch is
-derived from my distribution and is held in copyright by me and Tycho
-While under OST Bayonne was licensed using the GNU General Public License, and
-explicit exceptions were offered to link with the Dialogic, Pika Technologies,
-and Aculab runtime libraries so that everyone receiving the software had the
-same rights and freedom to modify it and distribute their modifications that
-OST itself already enjoyed as an exclusive copyright holder.
-While there is no new support for these runtime environments and hardware, we
-have chosen to continue these drivers for those who may have existing hardware
-in the field they wish to support and upgrade to newer maintained releases of
-GNU Bayonne, and to do so offering the very same freedoms as before.  
-If you do not wish to apply these exceptions downstream and distribute only
-supporting hardware that offers free software drivers and api's, you are free
-to do so, to remove this privilege from the license, and to remove the
-dialogic, aculab, and pika subdirectories from your re-distribution.  
-This privilege to link with these specific runtime libraries does not mean that
-your own resulting code may not fall under the GNU General Public License for
-other reasons, nor does it in any way allow you to distribute modified versions
-of GNU Bayonne or parts of it outside of the conditions of the GNU General
-Public License.  If you distribute or otherwise convey GNU Bayonne binaries
-built with the Intel-Dialogic driver, for one example, that which was received
-as GNU Bayonne must also be redistributed or otherwise made available in source
-in full, including local modifications if any, as per the GNU General Public
+This release is used to support free (as in freedom) telephony servers
+only.  Existing older drivers will be supported in a special Bayonne
+legacy release to be made separately available.