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GNU 8085 Simulator / News: Recent posts

GNUSim8085 1.3.5 Released

After about 4.5 months of activity, two good workouts at Bangalore and highly enthusiastic work by new patch contributors, the next release of gnusim8085 "1.3.5" has finally arrived.

This release has many fixes and new features. The most important of them is a Windows port with an installer.

What's New since 1.3.4:
New: Port to gtksourceview 2.
Syntax highlighting works in non standard installation also.
New: Windows port with an installer.
GTK+ runtime needs to be installed separately.
New: Updated registers and flags are shown in bold.
New: Assembler now accepts Binary and octal arguments.
Fix: Tooltips for the keypad buttons. Needs GTK+ >= 2.12.
Fix: Add file filter for .asm files.
Fix: DAA Instruction bug. Thanks to Madhusudhan. C. S
Fix: Error message reports line number offset by 1. Thanks Aditya M.
Fix: DAD Instruction bug. Thanks to Aditya M.... read more

Posted by Onkar Shinde 2008-12-23

GNUSim8085 1.3.4 Released

We are pleased to inform you the next release of gnusim8085. This release fixes two important instruction bugs #1936852 and #1966993. Thanks to Marcelo Souza and Missouga Dongi for the patches. Happy Simulating!!!

- GNUSim8085 Team

Posted by Aanjhan 2008-08-05

GNUSim8085 1.3.3 Released

We are pleased to inform you the release of 1.3.3 GNUSim8085. One of the major changes apart from Code clean ups and bug fixes is the availability of Windows port from this release.

- removed gnome dependencies to allow build in Windows environment.
- Code Clean Ups
- Bug fixes for #1683228 and #1683318

Posted by Aanjhan 2008-02-27

GNUSim8085 for Windows

We are actively working on a Windows port which is being targeted for the 2.0 release. Here is an early screenshot -

There are quite a few "feature requests" for GNUSim8085. While most of them are definitely worth implementing, we got held up in our "day jobs" so far. This project is still active and I'm happy to announce that GNUSim8085 2.0 will have many of those features implemented in addition to Windows support! Sorry for not giving enough attention so far.... read more

Posted by Sridhar Ratnakumar 2008-02-06

GNUSim8085 1.3.2

What's New since 1.3:
- Fixed 1669314 - Configure script exits silently (after checking for GNOME)
- Fixed 1683228 - 8085asm.lang file doesn't include some keywords
- Fixed 1683342 - Assemble Error (equ/in)
- Some code cleanup to use GTK+ widgets instead of GNOME widgets.
- The instruction added using keypad now has single space (' ') instead of tabs ('\t') as field separater.
- Fix 'make distcheck' as well as debian build.

Posted by Onkar Shinde 2007-10-17

GNUSim8085 1.3

What's New since 1.2.91:
- Use gtksourceview as editor component instead of scintilla
- Syntax highlighting

- 1556427 - Close button in About does not work

Posted by Onkar Shinde 2007-02-20

GNUSim8085 1.2.91 Released

GNUSim8085 is a simulator and assembler for the Intel 8085 Microprocessor, in GNOME environment. Some of the major updates in this release have been fixing of several instruction bugs, keyboard shortcuts and also minor GUI changes have been done.

New Contributor:

Current Work Packages:
Porting to gtksourceview from Scintilla
Website Updation

Posted by Aanjhan 2006-10-18

GNUSim8085 1.2.90 Release

Here we announce the release of GNUSim8085 1.2.90. Go ahead and have a great learning experience of the good old 8085 microprocessor.

Major updates:
-> Text Editor not shown bug fixed.
-> Upgraded to latest scintilla sources.
-> Fixed the PUSH PSW bug. Thanks to Alexander Shigin

Next Release
-> Expect some UI Changes
-> Syntax highlighting bug will be fixed
-> Some more 'c00l' features to be added.

Posted by Aanjhan 2006-07-30

Translators needed

GNUSim8085 1.2.89 supports translation using gettext. If you're looking for the application in your language, why not consider doing a translation of GNUSim8085 to your language.

Posted by Sridhar R 2004-01-31

Towards v1.3!

I have planned to implement the following features in GS85 1.3.0 (GNUSim8085-1.3.0).

1. Keypad
2. Instruction reference (refer fr page)
3. Memory dumps
4. Register and flags modification.

So, keep your eyes on it!! ;-)

Posted by Sridhar 2003-10-23

Corrupted packages ;-(

Sorry for the inconvinience caused. 1.2.1 packages were corrupted. I am not sure whether all the mirror sites contains corrupted packages. As a result of this I will release the next version 1.2.2 which is almost same as 1.2.1 except for the package corruption fix!

Posted by Sridhar 2003-10-06

1.2.0 released

The new GNUSim8085 1.2.0 comes with the "Stack View" feature as promised before. But it is still in beta, so keep you hands wet on 1.1.9 also :-)

Posted by Sridhar 2003-09-03

Towards v1.2!

Well. v1.2 of GNUSim8085 is under development. It will be released soon. It differs from the previous version (v1.1) in terms of bugs. Most of the bugs from v1.1 are fixed. v1.1.9 is just beta version of v1.2 without "stack view" feauture.
Look out for v1.2 in the near future.

Posted by Sridhar 2003-08-04