Release announcement for gnuplot 4.6.4

               GNUPLOT VERSION 4.6.4

This is an incremental release of gnuplot version 4.6.
A short list of changes since the previous patchlevel (version 4.6.3)
is given below and in the NEWS file. Detailed information is in ChangeLog.

New features, changes and fixes since gnuplot version 4.6.3

  • NEW Ctrl-Break interrupts fitting run in wgnuplot
  • CHANGE treat empty fields in a csv file as "missing" rather than "bad"
  • CHANGE allow reference to more than one column header in 'using' or 'title'
  • CHANGE install-info is no longer a default "make install" target
  • CHANGE if a polar plot is autoscaled, try to place the origin at the center
  • FIX svg and canvas terminal mousing of inverted axis coordinates
  • FIX emf failed to initialize font correctly on some systems
  • FIX timedata columns can now be referred to via column(N) and column("HEAD")
  • FIX qt terminal toggling of enhanced text elements in plot with labels
  • FIX color/pattern generated for key entries of columnstacked histograms
  • FIX hitting ^C twice forces temination of wxt session hung by lost X-server
  • FIX win terminal failed to properly adjust plot border after window resize
  • FIX several conditions in which macros were not expanded during command input
  • FIX promote a string containing only digits to INTGR rather than CMPLX
  • FIX 'set grid front' caused failure to initialize location of axis zero point
  • FIX very poor precision in mouse coords reported by x11 in -persist mode
  • FIX parsing of $# (the number of arguments in a "call"). It's not a comment!
  • FIX memory leak of cropped images using pngcairo terminal
  • FIX "lc variable" now iterates over linetype colors (not styles) as documented
  • FIX rtics were sometimes drawn with length 0
Posted by Ethan Merritt 2013-10-09

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