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I normally run gnuplot from another program on Windows to visualize experimental measurements. It does excellent job plotting data from a file, but I found it difficult to feed gnuplot with real time data (requires fiddling with stdin) and storing plot images in image files without restarting gnuplot (requires fiddling with stdout). Also the "moving chart window" option seems to be missing. It would be great to have access to to data and options in gnuplot through API with a direct entry. This could solve many real time issues.


  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2012-11-13

    Gnuplot's API is the popen() function, you don't have to restart gnuplot - you just do fprintf(gnuplotpipe, "replot\n"). If you find difficult to use it, then you would find any API much more difficult, because you would have to call->set_range_x(x1,x2) instead of fprintf("set xrange [1:10]\n") which you already know. However, there are some wrappers with something like an API, see for example pyGnuplot.sf.net.


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