Install trouble

  • Peter Jansson

    Peter Jansson - 2001-10-23

    Hi all.

    I posted this question on the usenet forum before realizing that perhaps it is more suitable here...

    After checking out the latest development version (3.8d) from the CVS and issuing the command "./configure --prefix=$HOME" in accordance with the instructions in the INSTALL file, I get the error message "./config.status: src/@AMDEP@: cannot create". (I am on a UNIX system.)

    Perhaps the instructions in the INSTALL file needs to be updated? Does anybody have any idea on what to do to have a successful install?


    • Peter Jansson

      Peter Jansson - 2001-10-23

      Sorry... 3.8g is the version I checked out.

    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      Actually, it's not very well-suited here, either :-(

      The official places for problem reports and discussions about the development version still is the mailing list,

      The problem you have is the telltale sign of not running
      the "prepare" script that comes with the development versions. This is supposed to be done even before "configure".


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