3D isocurves for r(theta,phi) instead of z

  • Jürgen Breitlow

    If I make a 3D-plot (splot) I can add contour lines. They show lines where my function has the same z value.
    I have 3D polar plots where I my directivity varies with  direction r (theta,phi). Is there a way to get the contour lines for this kind of plots?


    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      It's not entirely clear what kind of "contour lines" you want, here.  gnuplot will not generate lines of constant r for you, just like that.

      Please post your question (including expansions to this one) to the newsgroup or the users' mailing list instead of here.

    • Jürgen Breitlow

      This is what I want to have: lines of constant r. Wouldn't it be a nice feature together with the pm3d option? Where is the place to post feature requests?



      • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

        You would have to do the contour extraction in a separate step, making use of the 'set term table' trick to get them into a new datafile.  Then you could plot those in 'set mapping spherical' mode along with the original data.

        PM3D is tied even stricter to z(x,y) rather than r(theta,phi) data. 

        Feature Requests have their own tracker (see the "RFE" link on the main project page).


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