set terminal jpeg

  • Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin - 2003-05-28

    I just upgraded a machine to Redhat 9 (from 7.3) and the latest version of gnuplot does not seem to like 'set terminal jpeg'. Has this functionality been removed from gnuplot? Is there something that I can do to restore it. Yes i know about png but i need jpegs.

    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      We can't help you with RedHat's packaging policies.  Actually, the existance of "set term jpeg" in that earlier version was a RedHat-ism --- it was never present in the original sources they built from, at that time.

      Why anybody in their right mind would "need" JPEGs for the kind of image gnuplot generates, evades me completely.  Of all well-known graphics file formats out there, JPEG is the least useful possible choice for plots.


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