gnuplot on handhelds

  • Serguei Klink

    Serguei Klink - 2002-09-10

    I'm interested in running gnuplot on a handheld(probably not a very expensive one and probably linux-based) but haven't found too much of info about it. I guess it would look like sort of graphing calculator(which I really don't want to buy, and I like gnuplot much more than that)...Did anybody ever try to do anything similar?

    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      Hmm... as far as I'm aware, "not expensive" and "Linux-based" unfortunately still contradict each other, probably because these still sell as novelties.

      OTOH, as long as there's a compiler on/for that handheld, and the Linux it runs encloses X11, I don't see any particular reason why gnuplot shouldn't be able to run on it.

    • Serguei Klink

      Serguei Klink - 2002-09-11

      Thanks for the answer.

      Well, X is exactly the problem here - so I guess I should ask it like this: Does gnuplot support any other X-like outputs(well...thinking about an example...maybe Qt, picoGUI? or are those "compatible enough" with X?)?
      Oh, and btw, does gnuplot support other things like linux framebuffer, sdl, ggi? I know about svgalib but that's only x86...

      • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

        Qt runs on top of X, so it's not an alternative at all, AFAIK.

        gnuplot does support GGI --- at least, the development version does.

        • Serguei Klink

          Serguei Klink - 2002-09-11

          I meant qt/embedded, actually...


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