tiny version of gnuplot for embedded systems?

  • Alexander Roos

    Alexander Roos - 2004-01-26


    I will build an embedded system.
    Is there a possibility to get a tiny version of gnuplot? (e.g. only 2d, GIF and batch-mode)


    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      You can cut out all of the terminals you don't need pretty easily --- just edit term.h and recompile.

      You can also remove some of the other features, and tell gnuplot to use less memory, using the TINY switch (see INSTALL, and/or README).  Among other effects, this will have it use single-precision floats for internal storage, and disable the hidden3d stuff.

      There is no way of ripping out the entire 3D machinery foreseen, though.  You'ld have to do that manually.


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