Plotting problem with two external files

  • absalon18

    absalon18 - 2005-07-13


    I guess experienced Gnuplot users will find my question rather trivial. Probably thats why I couldnt find the answer anywhere...

    Well, I have two external files, say OTP.txt and TMS.txt, each containing many columns. Only the first two are of my interest : (1) the source to detector distance (which is common for both files) and (2) the detector response measured for OTP.txt and calculated for TMS.txt.

    Now, how can I plot the ratio of the measured and calculated detector response without merging the two external files in a  3 columns unique file ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Note : I am using the 4.0 version on a Windows XP platform.

    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      You can't.  You have to merge the files.  A little 'awk' script could usually do this on-the-fly, like this:

      plot "< myscript OTP.txt TMS.txt"

      but for the nativeMS Windows GUI version, this requires non-standard tricks to work (you need wgnuplot_pipes.exe).


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