How to put german ', , ' in title?

  • Walz vun de Palz

    Hello to all!!

    I have a problem with the german , , . I want to put this in a title with

      '' u 1:6 lt 3 lw 2 title 'Pedgo mit Tr',\

    but in the graphictitle I read only 'Pedgo mit T r'.
    I want to make a eps file (this works well) but only the ,  or  doesn't appear.

    I have GNUPlot 4.1. I tested it with ISO-Latin1 and Arial-Font, but no , or  was visible.

    I hope somebody van help me

    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      You'll have to be more specific describing what exactly you did:

      *) What platform?
      *) Since you're using a CVS version: last updated when?
      *) Which terminal driver, using which options?
      *) The exact sequence of commands you used.

    • Walz vun de Palz

      Here are some more informations:

      I use WIN XP home.
      I have downloaded the sourcecode on 14.7.2005 0:52h.

      Here is the sequence of commands I used:

      set terminal postscript eps enh color
      set title "Szenario 3"
      set style data lines
      set xrange [0:4]
      set yrange [0:400]
      set xlabel 'Dichte [P/m^2]'
      set ylabel 'Evakuierungszeit [s]'
      set output 'Szenario3.eps'
      plot 'Sz3.dat' u 1:8:9 w filledcurves title 'Predtetschenski-Bereich', \       '' u 1:8 lt -1 notitle, '' u 1:9 lt -1 notitle, \       '' u 1:3 lt -1 title 'Exodus mit Tr',\       '' u 1:4 lt 1 lw 2 title 'Exodus ohne Tr',\       '' u 1:5 lt 2 lw 2 title 'Simulex',\       '' u 1:6 lt 3 lw 2 title 'Pedgo mit Tr',\       '' u 1:7 lt 4 lw 2 title 'Pedgo ohne Tr'

      The eps-file is correct, so all works well, only no "" is in the file.
      You can see the eps-File on

      I hope, it will help!!!!!

      • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

        Ah, but there's no "set encoding" command in your script!  That's what's wrong.  See "help encoding".


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