trouble with date format

  • Anonymous - 2003-06-11

    Hello. I'm using gnuplot-3.7.1-12, and I'm trying to make some png images, with data containing dates and times.
    The script seems to be ok but the last line, the plot command. It returns a "illegal day of month" error. I inspired from timedat.dem, replacing or changing instructions to fit my data format:

    16/05/2003    23:50    4    720    997
    16/05/2003    23:40    7    630    734

    Data consists of every 10 minutes log for the day. Columns are separated with tabs

    Time format is defined like this:
    set timefmt "%d/%m/%Y\t%H%M"

    Time range was defined like this, assuming the data only contains today's logs:
    set xrange [ "16/05/2003":"16/05/2003" ]

    I want to plot hours (x) vs value (y)
    The plot command was defined like this:
    plot 'timedat.dat' using 2:3 t ''

    I also kept the other settings found in timedat.dem, and adapted, and started the script with:
    set term png medium color

    But I always get this "illegal day of month" error, and can't find where the bug is.

    Has anyone ever had this error ?



    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      You have two choices:

          set timefmt '%H:%M"
          plot 'timefmt.dat' u 2:3

      or keep your timefmt, get rid of the set xrange, and then

          plot 'timefmt.dat' u 1:3


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