#1867 "pause" command fails in "windows terminal" in 5.x.x versions

windows (8)

Type commands:
set term windows
pause 2

The pause command does not wait at all.
This fails for versions >= 5.0.0 and <= 5.0.4.
I did not test 5.0.5


  • Bastian Märkisch

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  • Bastian Märkisch

    Confirmed. Also applies to current CVS.

  • Bastian Märkisch

    The problem originates in the definition of HAVE_USLEEP in config.mgw. Albeit this is correct, usleep() does not seem to work correctly. In any case we should use win_sleep() at this correctly handles all interactive terminals (win, wxt, qt, caca) on Windows, not just the currently active one.

  • Bastian Märkisch

    usleep() only seems to work with values < 1s. This only causes a problem when using the windows, terminal, but not for wxt or qt. So here are two work-arounds to wait for 2 seconds:

    do for [i=1:20] { pause 0.1 }


    set term push; set term wxt; pause 2; set term pop;
  • Bastian Märkisch

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  • Bastian Märkisch

    Fixed in CVS for version 5.1 and 5.0.


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